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On April 2010, 74 Japanese lawmakers formed an alliance in an effort to introduce the “integrated resorts” concept in Japan. They drafted the original version of the IR bill in 2011 and submitted the updated version to the government in December 2013.

But due to the lack of political support, it was denied. Years after, the IR bill continued to gain more supporters and after some minor changes, it finally obtained sufficient votes.

On July 20, 2018, Japan took its first step towards the legalization of gambling through the passage of the Integrated Resort Enabling Act to the Diet (Japanese Bicameral Legislature).

On this blog, we aim to cover every aspect pertaining to the new gambling laws in Japan. We take a look at how it will affect the country, the population, and uncover several other critical points too.

As avid gamblers, we find the new gambling legislation in Japan to be relevant to us and fellow gamblers. Unfortunately, we still have to wait a bit before the first casino resort opens its doors in Japan.

Included in the new law were several requirements that these resorts would have to adhere to. These requirements included certain limitations in terms of Japanese visitors and also how the casino and hotel floors should be divided.

Size of Casino Facilities

While the total floor area of entertainment and accommodation facilities greatly exceeds that of the allowed allotted space for the casino floors, it is still exciting that the law was passed.

According to the law, only 3% of the total floor space may be dedicated to casino activities.

Limitation of number of Times of Entry

Japanese residents are only allowed to enter three times per week or ten times per 28 days following the provisions on Chapter VII of the Casino Implementation Act.

Non-Japanese residents are exempted, as there are no specific limitations on the number of times, they can enter the casinos.

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