2 Reasons Why Casinos Will Not Boost Japan’s Tourism Backed by Research

casino in japan - 2 Reasons Why Casinos Will Not Boost Japan’s Tourism Backed by Research

One of the main points that prompt the IR supporters for legalizing casinos through the integrated resorts is that they believe that it will boost Japan’s tourism. Some say that it will be the second biggest gambling market, next to Macau and these assumptions do not include the online or “onrainkajino” sectors.

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Based on the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness of 2017, it ranked fourth out of 141 countries and also the best in Asia. Which is not surprising as Japan is home to 21 World Heritage which includes the Himeji Castle, Historic Monuments of Historic Kyoto and Nara.

Other popular tourist attractions are Mount Fuji, the network of hot springs and Sakura or cherry blossoms during springtime. Japan has also gained high scores in almost all aspects, particularly safety and security, cultural resources and business travel.

As a country, popularly called “The Land of the Rising Sun”, Japan with its remarkable culture and its picturesque landscape is truly a famous tourist destination.

The Japan National Tourism Organization reported that Japan welcomed nearly 16 million international visitors in the first half of 2018. The government are banking on the prospect that the lure of casinos in the integrated resorts will give another boost to this already remarkable numbers.

Land Minister Keiichi Ishii said that they will use Japan’s culture, history and other attractions in order to attain world-class quality integrated resorts that would attract tourists from around the world.

Lack of Interest

photo 1541827501129 68e96153db1e - 2 Reasons Why Casinos Will Not Boost Japan’s Tourism Backed by Research

But a survey conducted in 2017 by the oppositions shows the lack of interest in the foreign market in Japan’s casinos. The survey asked residents from South Korea, France, United Kingdom, China and 8 other countries and regions which facilities inside the integrated resorts they would mostly visit in Japan.

Results showed that only 7% likely go to casinos, while 46% will go to shopping malls, 43% will go to hotels and 40 chose theme parks.

Will Attract More Locals

photo 1533165743100 747acf5435f3 - 2 Reasons Why Casinos Will Not Boost Japan’s Tourism Backed by Research

Furthermore, research done by private and municipal sectors shows that Japanese residents will represent a more significant number of clienteles for the integrated resorts rather than foreign nationals.

This also proves that there is substantial cause for concern of gambling addiction among the Japanese. This is despite the measures that the government are taking to address such a problem.

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